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Imported Food Compliance Evaluation

Based on the product’s ingredients, format, label, and other characteristics, Antion evaluates whether the product has the possibilities to be imported into China, whether it needs to modify based on Chinese requirements.

Technical Support During Sales

Antion is able to help to review all kinds of promotion materials based on Chinese regulation requirements, not only for off-line channel, but also for traditional e-commerce and Cross-Border E-Commerce Channel.

Food Related Application & Registration

Antion provides regulation interpretation, feasibility analysis and guidance service for the whole application process, including Infant Formula Registration, Novel Food Ingredient Application, New kind of Food Additives and other related applications.

Why Choose Antion?


•Professional technical & expert consultant team

•Years of experience in the food industry


•Combination of system & manual service 

•Time-limited feedback through multiple channels


•Covering Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions of China, Japan, Korea, EU, USA, and main countries in ASEAN.


•Multiple services to meet different needs 

•Various proposal based on product features


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Solid beverage is normal food prepared by processing food ingredients, food additives, etc. in the form of powder, granules or lumps, which can be used for brewing. Its product formula, production processes, label, and instruction do not require product registration approval, cannot provide nutritional support for people with special medical conditions, can not indicate the suitable crowd, and do not need to be used under the guidance of doctors and clinical nutritionists. If solid beverage is used instead of FSMP for long-term consumption, it will cause harm to health.

First of all, the most intuitive way is whether there is a health food logo (Blue Hat) on the product packaging.
Secondly, in terms of product definition, tablet candy is a solid candy made of sugar, syrup (powder), or sweetener as the main ingredient, which is produced through mixing, granulation or non-granulation, compression molding and other related processes; according to the classification of food production license, tablet candy is in the confectionery products, the category number is 1301.

According to the provisions of Article 97 of the Food Safety Law, imported pre-packaged foods and food additives should have Chinese labels and Chinese instructions. The labels and instructions shall comply with the provisions of the Food Safety Law and other laws and administrative regulations in China and the requirements of national food safety standards, and shall state the origin of food and the name, address and contact information of domestic agents.